Refrigerator logic has a couple similar definitions I’m familiar with. I’ve seen it attributed to Hitchcock a few times, suggesting the plot holes discovered while rolling a movie around the back of your brain at midnight while rustling around the back of your fridge for that last piece of pie often exposes the gaping plot holes a deft director can cover up for only a short time.

The first time I considered the phrase was from the mouth of one Ronald D. Moore, sci-fi craftsman. He defines refrigerator logic as the attempt to explain how the light in your fridge knows when to do its illuminating thing. If the fridge works in every other respect, you consider it briefly and then simply take it on faith that the light simply works. Instead of trying to paper over the logical hole, strengthen the rest of the story and characters so your audience will accept your plot hole as plausible as an article of faith.

I hope to provide both services to you and me as I tinker with this little toy: I want to expose the man behind the curtain as often as possible and then, when the need arises, turn back around and ask you to consider the wizard as a matter of faith.

Also, genitalia and fart jokes. Hopefully together. Captain Queef, they used to call me…before the accident. I can’t say more; the pain is too fresh.

About the Author

Tuffy writes semi-professionally for Sports by Brooks and Blogcritics.

I have a gmail account under the name tuffyr. Use this information judiciously; spies are everywhere. Spies and those spiders from Minority Report.


4 Responses to About

  1. modernsinglemomma says:

    I like the promise of testing the limits of thoughts all the while blushing from fart jokes. I’ll be back! =)

  2. Elysse says:

    I’m sending you a message!

    If I’m out of line dont respond

  3. recipients of your lovingly dispatched restrainng order. says:

    dave and alana approve this message.

  4. tiff says:

    I love the Tuffy!

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